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Necessary Woodworking Tools

As in most professions or hobbies, if you're going to become a good woodworker, you're going to have to make an investment in tools of the trade. Woodworking tools will add to your efficiency as you learn, whether you are learning for fun or profit, and they will probably add to the reward you feel as your accomplishments will likely come more quickly. Before power woodworking tools came on the scene, hand tools were what people used to make wood projects. Although you can make an excellent finished product, woodworking just isn't as fast as with power tools. Aren't you glad you live in the modern age?

Here's a list of basic power tools that you will need if you are thinking of putting together a woodworking shop.

Table Saw

  • Belt Sander
  • Circular Saws
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • General Equipment
  • Safety Equipment

Table Saw: 

The table saw is a very important tool for a woodworking shop, especially if you want to turn out products on a daily basis. It is considered a "must have" woodworking tool. Until you experience it, it's hard to imagine the accuracy, speed, and stability that you feel when working with this tools. With a hand saw, it's hard to make straight cuts and even edges, and it can take a long time to make a simple table. But, with a table saw, these tasks become simple and quick. And good quality is quickly achieved. You can find good table saws for somewhere around $200 and $950.

Belt Sander:

A belt sander can save you a considerable amount of time and effort. With just a quick, careful application, you can really put a professional finish on your woodworking project. You can find a good belt sander for about $100 to $200.

Circular Saw:

A circular saw is a hand held saw which is used to make quick and accurate cuts. A wide variety of sizes and colors are available, so you're sure to find one you like. Sometimes a circular saw is a better choice than a table for the task you are doing, especially if it's just a quick cut you're trying to make. They are not as steady as table saws, because you are holding the circular saw, and they might take more practice to master, but they definitely are the preferred tool sometimes. You can get a good quality circular saw for about $200.

Vacuum Cleaner:

This may not be considered a woodworking tool, but it is a necessary tool in a woodworking shop. The buildup of wood dust can be dangerous, so you'll need to clean your shop quite often.

General Equipment:

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Besides the power tools, you'll also need to have nails, hammers, extension cords, a broom, cordless drills, and some other equipment.

Safety Equipment:

Staying safe and healthy will help you be productive, and will help you enjoy woodworking. Put safety first in your shop. Wear gloves, safety goggles, ear plugs while using power tools, and thicker clothing that is not too loose fitting. This will help protect you from flying wood chips as well as heat. And don't wear jewelry that can be snagged by your woodworking tools.